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Additional investments will definitely be needed before the route is sufficiently reliable.

It is hard for me to gauge whether there has been a ridership increase since October.

Worcester County Jail is Tier II DMR as is the Casino.

Worcester County Public Schools will likely transition to Tier II DMR over the next many years on a school by school basis.

There have been some changes to the line, but by and large the promises never happened, and MTA has even now stopped referring to them in community meetings. That said, if the new ridership numbers are true, it's good news, but it also just underscores the new for a new plan for east-west transit.

The QB40 does not have nearly enough capacity to serve the ridership on that route.

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Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk I've never heard anything from the jail but it may be another one of those "you have to be close by" to hear it.

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Who knows the color codes for the Choptank Electric sites? Another busy system is Del Mar Va Radio and Teletronic but mostly taxi and other transportation. My primary desire is tuning into FD/PD activity and now once again near a Navy Base maybe some aviation! I see Casinos and business groups so far use DMR but what of Emergency services? Been a Scanner enthusist since they had Crystals lol.

As far as I can tell the control channel for the Whaleysville site is currently 464.9625 with CC5. No Net or Site IDs though, maybe because the signal isn't that great. Is this site 2 or the Artesian Water Co WQJV698 in Delaware? Bob You and I switched locations - I moved to SE NC last summer from the Baltimore area.... Mary's County area is probably pretty well limited -- is there a reason you are focused on DMR? sid=7676 As for public safety, several years ago, St.

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